4 Reasons Why Women Need to Start Investing Now


🔮 Whether or not you like it, you have to invest to have a shot at a comfortable retirement. Unless your retirement plan is living in a van down by the river. Saving money alone won’t cut it. And, you can’t just use "The Secret" to manifest a million dollars, you have to actually take action and earn it. By investing. Trust us, we tried "manifesting" in our 20s and we wish we took real action sooner! 

The time to take control of your financial future is now. Think of it like binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. If you start now, you’ll be prepared for season 3.

🎉Season 3 being your golden years of retirement!

 Here are 3 reasons why women need to start investing now:

  1. Because of the gender investment gap. You’ve heard there’s a gender wage gap, but have you heard of the gender investment gap? One study showed women are 80% more likely to be in poverty during retirement than men. If this isn’t motivation enough to start saving we don’t know what is. It’s a bit more important than getting ready for beach season.
  1. There is no glass ceiling on investing. There may be a glass ceiling on what we can earn at a job, but not in investing. And, investments don’t care if you’re male or female. The only thing that matters is how well you manage your money.

There are several new ways to invest now that aren’t just hope and prayer. There are robo advisors, apps such as Acorns that automatically round up your purchases and invest them for you.

  1. Increased self esteem. This one is probably the best reason to start investing. Taking control of your financial future can make you feel empowered and rightfully so.

    Being co-dependant on someone for your finances can decrease your self worth. And you might do things you wouldn’t otherwise do, like stay in an unhealthy relationship.

  2. Time is more important than $$$! There is a misconception out there that you need to have lots of money to start investing. That's not true! What's true is TIME in the market. 
    • Let's say you put in $200 a month into retirement with an estimated 6% rate of return at 25-years-old. You'll have $96,000 at 65.
    • Let's say you put in $200 a month, same as above, at 35-years-old, you'll have around $72,000.

    So get started investing and get that financial future secured.

    đź’Ť Put a ring on it yourself.


    *NEW MONEY content is to help educate and get women excited about investing. However, we are not financial experts. All content is for informational and entertainment purposes. 

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